CMS Migration Project

Highlights. I co-led a CMS migration project at a college library, where I:

  • Persuaded content creators to retire outdated pages
  • Generated buy-in for consistent layout across guides
  • Established best practices for naming of assets and reusable blocks
  • Advocated for plain language for our non-expert users

Small Business Web Refresh

Highlights. I collaborated with a professional photographer to assess the effectiveness of his content across his web and social channels. In this project, I

  • Identified key demographics of new and existing clients
  • Clarified the message of digital content
  • Improved navigation paths on the website
  • Wireframed a streamlined layout for the website

UX Writing

Prompts from the Daily UX Writing Challenge.

Challenge: Email Error Message


The user entered the wrong email address to sign in to their account.


Tell the user to enter the right email.

Character Limit


Guiding principles I brought to this challenge:

Don’t say the account doesn’t exist. What if it was a typo?

Don’t leave the user feeling like they did something wrong. Who wants to start off by hearing they’re “wrong” or “invalid”?

Do use neutral, plain language. Avoid any suggestion that the user was at fault.

Do stay within the character limit. 40 characters leaves little room for sentiment. If there were room, I’d add a “sorry” at the beginning.

Writing Samples

UX writing samples are posted on my blog.

MissionBox Freelance Writing. I wrote articles on tax-related topics for MissionBox, a start-up providing software to small nonprofits. I also generated a list of topics for future articles.

Copyright Lessons From Max the Cat. Article recounting the misadventures of a group of librarians and professors caught up in the viral sensation that was Max the Cat, with some deeper lessons about copyright and attribution. One of the most popular articles of all time for this publication.

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