Portrait of pale skinned woman with purple-tinted brown hair wearing a black turtleneck and clear framed glasses. She's looking directly at the camera and is seen from the shoulders up.

Responsive. Strategic. Collaborative. I believe clear, concise, and accessible language empowers users. Equitable access is possible when users are part of the design process.

A little bit about my work…

CMS Migration

I co-led a CMS migration project at a college library. In this role, I had the opportunity to:

  • Persuade content creators to retire outdated pages
  • Generate buy-in for consistent layout across guides
  • Establish best practices for naming of assets and reusable blocks
  • Advocate for plain language for our non-expert users

Small Business Web Refresh

A professional photographer hired me to look at his web and social channels to figure out where he should concentrate his content efforts. Through our collaboration, we were able to:

  • Identify key demographics of new and existing clients
  • Clarify the message of digital content
  • Improve navigation paths on the website
  • Wireframe a streamlined layout for the website

Latest blog posts

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