• Career change phase one: Planning your journey

    Note: This is the first in a series of posts on how I transitioned from a career in librarianship to working in UX as a content strategist. My hope is that learning about the steps I took will help others, whether librarians, other higher ed workers, or whatever, find their own way through career change.… Read More »Career change phase one: Planning your journey

  • UX Writing Challenge: Day 4

    Scenario: A user is in their favorite supermarket. They open the supermarket’s app on their phone to see what’s on sale and are greeted by a promotion. Challenge: Write a promotional home screen for a subscription service that delivers groceries to the user once-a-month for a flat fee. Headline: 45 characters max | Body: 175… Read More »UX Writing Challenge: Day 4

  • UX Writing Challenge: Day 3

    Scenario: The user entered the wrong email address to sign in to their account. | Challenge: Tell the user to enter the right email | 40 characters max

  • UX Writing Challenge: Day 2

    Scenario: A user is a working parent, and a big sports fan, in the midst of their favorite sports season who can no longer attend games. Challenge: Write a promotional screen for an app that lets a user choose teams, sends game reminders, real-time score updates and highlight videos. Headline: 40 characters max | Body:… Read More »UX Writing Challenge: Day 2