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  • Resources

    Just rounding up a few resources that helped me skill up for my transition to UX. Websites Working in Content Content and UX. Make sure to sign up for the Slack community. UX Writing Hub UX Content Collective Daily UX Writing Challenge Podcasts Content Rookie The Content Strategy Podcast Books Content Strategy for the Web… Read More »Resources

  • Career change: Word vomit edition

    I gathered up some messages I have sent in response to questions people have sent me about how I made the transition from academic libraries to UX content strategy. Here are some of them. Oh boy, I’m not sure where to start! There are so many moving parts, but one thing I did was watch… Read More »Career change: Word vomit edition

  • Career change: Outline edition

    The other day I was bemoaning my extreme procrastination around posting the rest of my career transition story to a friend. Me: I have extensive outlines and notes! I have a repository of all the responses I have sent people when they reached out to me! There is so much content to share and yet… Read More »Career change: Outline edition

  • Career change phase one: Planning your journey

    Note: This is the first in a series of posts on how I transitioned from a career in librarianship to working in UX as a content strategist. My hope is that learning about the steps I took will help others, whether librarians, other higher ed workers, or whatever, find their own way through career change.… Read More »Career change phase one: Planning your journey