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Just rounding up a few resources that helped me skill up for my transition to UX. Websites Working in Content Content and UX. Make sure to sign up for the Slack community. UX Writing Hub UX Content Collective Daily UX Writing Challenge Podcasts Content Rookie The Content Strategy Podcast Books Content Strategy for the Web… Read More »Resources

UX Writing Challenge: Day 4

Scenario: A user is in their favorite supermarket. They open the supermarket’s app on their phone to see what’s on sale and are greeted by a promotion. Challenge: Write a promotional home screen for a subscription service that delivers groceries to the user once-a-month for a flat fee. Headline: 45 characters max | Body: 175… Read More »UX Writing Challenge: Day 4

UX Writing Challenge: Day 3

Scenario: The user entered the wrong email address to sign in to their account. | Challenge: Tell the user to enter the right email | 40 characters max

UX Writing Challenge: Day 2

Scenario: A user is a working parent, and a big sports fan, in the midst of their favorite sports season who can no longer attend games. Challenge: Write a promotional screen for an app that lets a user choose teams, sends game reminders, real-time score updates and highlight videos. Headline: 40 characters max | Body:… Read More »UX Writing Challenge: Day 2

UX Writing Challenge: Day 1

Challenge: Write a message from the airline app notifying them of the cancellation and what they need to do next. Headline: 45 characters | Body: 175 characters max | Button(s): 25 characters max

UX Writing Challenge!

I am working my way through the Daily UX Writing Challenge from DUXW and will posting my efforts here. When appropriate for the prompt and as time allows, I will be prototyping my designs in Figma. I am learning as I go, so don’t expect them to be visually flashy.

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